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Welcome to Metković

Posted by on: 17/04/2014

Dear guests, dear friends!

Welcome to Metković, the second largest town of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, and the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Neretva valley.

Where hills merge with a fertile valley, where a green river and mystical swamps combine with clear blue sea, there is Neretva valley and Metković. You will feel the call of the wild, get to enjoy juicy fruit, especially the tangerines and have a good time!

Located in the valley of the Neretva River, open towards the sea, Metković offers great possibilities for enjoying your vacation. Traditionally turned towards agriculture because of the rich river delta known for its plantations of tangerines and other fruit and vegetables, it is a natural phenomenon and you can also enjoy boat rides (photo safari) and traditional specialties (eel and frog).

The remains of the ancient city of Narona, today's Vid are 4 km southwest of Metković, where the Archaeological museum Narona is built, as the first "in situ" museum in Croatia. Built on the locality of an antique temple dedicated to the 1st Roman emperor Augustus, it shows a unique collection of antique statues made sometime in the 1st century B.C. The Archaeological museum Narona is a unique and unavoidable destination for all lovers of culture, art, history and archaeology.

The best example of a rich and diverse bird population of the Neretva delta can be observed in the ornithological collection of Natural History Museum Metković. Unfortunately, the Dalmatian pelican, griffon duck and marbled teal are gone, but even today we can see bitterns and ferruginous ducks nesting in the Neretva delta. The delta is an important resting place for millions of migratory birds but also a popular destination for many nature lovers.

In Predolac cave you can meet the unique cave shellfish "Congeria", a living fossil, a tertiary relic and unique species to the Dinarid Alps. You can also meet many other animal species living exclusively underground, and those who live in surface waters. All this in one locality that's unique in the world will provide a unique experience to all those visiting this area.

Of interesting events to note are the city features. During May there is the traditional folklore event "Na Neretvu misečina pala", or "Moonlight falls on Neretva", while July is reserved for traditional mullet fishing - Cipolijada, and a contest of jumping into the Neretva. There's also the Roman Night in Narona, which will transport you back in time to Roman times, where gladiator fights and slave markets were prominent. A part of the Day of the Neretva Principality in August is getting to know traditional crafts and village games, watch exciting contests and costume plays. The traditional Neretva boat marathon, "Maraton lađa", where around 30 crews from the Neretva valley and abroad compete, is held on the 2nd Saturday in August.

In addition to rich cultural, historical and natural heritage, you will enjoy our gastronomy and wines, photo safari tours through the untouched swamp, and first of all the kindness and cordiality of our residents.

Welcome to the city of history, culture, nature and sports - experience Metković in your own way!


Arheološki muzej Narona vas poziva na otvorenje gostujuće izložbe kolega iz Arheološkog muzeja Istre u srijedu 17. listopada u 18:00 sati. Izložbu možete pogledati do 17. prosinca 2018.
Izložbom "Izrada i pečenje keramike na neolitički način" viši kustos Arheološkog muzeja Istre, Romuald Zlatunić u suradnji s keramičarkom Marinom Orlić predstavljaju tehnološki proces nastanka i pečenja keramičkih posuda prema orginalima nastalim u neolitičkom razdoblju Istre. Postupci izrade i pečenja posuda prikazani su u kratkom dokumentarnom filmu  autora Kristijana Burlevića čiji će rad biti prikazan na izložbi. Izložba sastavljena je od izložbenih panoa,  12 originalnih neolitičkih keramičkih ulomaka, 56 replika eksperimentalno izrađenih posuda, 1 kultne posude - ritona, 1 antropomorfne zvonaste figurice - falusa, 5 antropomorfnih figurica kao i većeg broja namjerno razbijenih ulomaka eksperimentalno pečenih posuda i pločica (koje su se  koristile kod tehnoloških analiza).

Otvorenje izložbe BIOKULTURNA BAŠTINA DOLINE NERETVE će se održati 20. rujna 2018. u Arheološkom muzeju Narona s početkom u 20 sati. Izložba će biti postavljena do 15 listopada 2018. godine.

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