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App 'Rural Dubrovnik Neretva'

Thematic tourist road "Neretva the valley of life" is a part of the rural tourism offer of Dubrovnik-Neretva Region. The river Neretva unites this particular area of a fertile valley, which yields numerous natural riches. The diversity of the fauna has been preserved in ornithological reserves and the Ornithological Collection of the Natural Museum in Metković. The photo-safari along the Neretva backwaters and lakes, in the traditional craft, will reveal, besides the wonderful nature, the tales about sunken cities, the remains of ancient Roman villas. The Archaeological Museum Narona in Vid, built above the Augusteum, a temple dedicated to the emperor Augustus, witnesses about the existence of life in the area ever since Antiquity. Until now, such complete, artistically perfect and archaeologically valuable group of statues has not been found anywhere, except in Rome.There is also a special gastronomical story here – specialties made of fish and frogs caught in the Neretva and autochthonous Neretva stew made of eel and frogs, as well as the very special and increasingly savoury wines of the area.

Those who value long walks, town offers a variety of trails through significant landscape Predolac-Šibanica, or if you prefer cycling, you can explore landscapes from Prud-Dragovija-Vid MTB bike route.

By its geographical position Metković is an ideal starting point for shorter and longer excursions. Kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts can enjoy at the mouth of the Neretva only 20 km from the town center. Estuary is ideal place for photographers as it is rich in various light phenomena, the effect of meeting the sky, sea, sand, clouds, and sudden changes in wind direction.Absolutely gorgeous are Baćina and Kuti lakes, coastal towns such as Blace, Komarna and Klek.

From Metković to Medjugorje and Mostar you have half an hour drive and hour or more to Ston, Dubrovnik and Split.

More info: www.rural-dubrovnik-neretva.hr

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