Turistička zajednica grad Metković


The economy of the town has been always based on trade, crafts, agriculture and services. The port of Metković has been closely connected with the de­velopment of the town.

In the period between the two wars, it was the main port as far as Vojvodina, and the main port for the importa­tion of specialist goods into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The left bank of the Neretva is suitable for lading smaller ships and yachts while the right bank is reserved for merchantmen.

Together with trade and ag­riculture, catering and tourist services are increasingly im­portant; the town has its own gastronomic specialities based on various types of fish. More and more tourists are interested in taking a “safari drive" in traditional Neretva vessels and there are also many birdwatchers. Building contin­ues apace in Metković.

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