Turistička zajednica grad Metković


The Town Cultural Centre is responsible for the Arts in Metković. Its impressive building was designed by the architect Aleksandar Freudenreich, and took almost thirty years to complete. Within the complex there is a theatre hall, one of the most beautiful summer theatres in Croatia, a large exhibition hall and other facilities. All theatre performances, book promotions, exhibitions of artistic works, festivals, folklore performances, politi­cal meetings, etc. take place here. Metković has a tradition­ally rich cultural life. The amateur theatrical society has been active since 1875, with some breaks. It performed its first performances in the Cro­atian Neretva Reading Room, which is the oldest organiza­tion in Metković founded in 1873. They mark significant anniversaries and events in national history. Older people still remember the superb per­formances of the Metković am­ateurs all over Croatia (“Dundo Maroje”, “Posljednji Zrinski”, Gogol’s “Wedding”, etc.) The­atre has influenced town life school group, the society has man­aged to attract a great number of members over its half-century his­tory. It upholds the tradition of the a great deal, as it does even today. Another impor­tant cultural soci­ety in the town is KUD “Metković”. Founded as a folklore grammar Neretva music and dance heritage and also contributes to the renaissance of Neretva folk cos­tumes. The Inter­national Review of Folklore under the name “Na Neretvu mjesečina pala” (“Moonshine Falls on the Nereva”) has been a high­light for decades of the activity of the society. One of the old­est Metković cul­tural societies is the Town Brass Band founded in 1886, which has achieved notable successes in its long existence. The famous musician Klement Visković, who was well known in Vi­enna, started out in the society. During the celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the Town Brass Band, Visković donated funds for the construction of a Music building. The branch office of the Matica hrvatska (Croatian Ma­trix) is a large local publish­ing house; it also organizes art exhibitions, lectures and other cultural gatherings. Several choirs are also active as well as harmony groups (“klape”). Well-known are “Zbor župe sv. Ilije” and “Zbor župe sv. Nikole”. Some outstand­ing Croatian writ­ers come from Metkovic such as Ivan Slamnig, Stojan Vučičević and Vladimir Pavlović. Obrad Gluščević, a film director and the author of one of the best documentary films in Croatian cinematogra­phy “People from the Neretva” paid great homage to his native town and the Neretva valley with this work.

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