Turistička zajednica grad Metković


The schools in Metković and in the valley of the Neretva were founded under Austrian rule. In 1845, the folk school was founded in Metković and then one by one: the First Mihovil Pavlinović Elementary School, as well as two secondary schools: the Grammar School of Metković and the Secondary School Metković. Elementary schools were opened also in the

Citizens’ School in 1920, the State Citizens’ School in 1924, the Lower General Second­ary School in 1944, the Crafts School in 1948, the Kinder­garten in 1952, the Grammar School in 1954 and the School of Economics in 1960. Today, there are two elementary schools in Metković: the Stjepan Radić Elementary School and the Don nearby villages, at Vid in 1894 and at Prud in 1956. The Ele­mentary Music School has been active in the town as an inde­pendent institution since 2008. Currently, Metković has more than 4000 pupils in the above mentioned schools. The town of Metković has a high standard of education: the school buildings are well equipped and managed and there are two sports halls for elementary schools and one highly equipped sports hall for secondary schools, together with several sports grounds. There are also two private and two state kindergartens in the town and one at Vid and another at Prud. In partnership with parents and local authorities, a kindergarten for children with special needs has been founded.

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