Turistička zajednica grad Metković


Most sports are popular in Metković. The handball club of Metković is among the best in the country and is well- known in Europe, not only for its success, but also because it achieved a type of handball miracle. It was founded in 1963 under the name “RK Mehanika” and changed its name four times: “RK Metković”, “RK Razvitak”, “RK Metković Jambo” and again “RK Metković”. The Metković players won the EHF Cup in 2000 and sev­eral Olympic gold medallists started their sports career in RK Metkovic: Jelčić, Kaleb. Goluža, Obrvan. One of the finest handball players in the world, Patrik Ćavar, is also a son of Metković handball. Some ten years after the foundation of “RK Mehanika”, the ladies’ handball club of “Metković” was established. There is another handball club “Jerkovac” which has a men’s and a ladies’division. The old­est football club was founded in 1919 under the name of “NK Narona”. It changed its name to “NK Nere­tva” and it is still very popular.

Many famous Croatian footballers came from “NK Neretva”, such as Igor Štimac and Darijo Srna. An­other football club “NK Metković” was founded in 1975. Among other sports, there is a rowing club “Neretvanski gusar” which was founded by a group of enthusiasts in the 1970’s.

The first basketball club was founded in 1973 within “RŠD Razvitak” but it was dissolved four years later. “KK Metković” recently achieved promotion to the Second Basketball League. Bowling has a long tradition in the Neretva valley. Nobody knows when it all started and some believe it’s as old as the hills. There were several bowling clubs in Metković: “BK Unka”, “BK Hajduk”, BK Vrbovci”, BK Prud”, “BK Jugoplastika”, and others. In 1982 all the players unit­ed under “BK Metković” which has achieved several notable successes in the First Bowls League. There are two other clubs: “Predolac” and “Krnjesavac”. The “Metković” tennis club was founded as early as 1927. Other sports worth men­tioning are the karate clubs “Metković” and “Knez Domagoj”; bike clubs Metković and Relax, SU Neretva run, the Mountaineering Society Šibanica.

The Metković Boat Race, which spectacularly starts at the Metković Bridge, has become very popular re­cently, not only locally, but also nationally. It is a tradition with an ever-growing following, enjoyed by many.

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