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St. Elijah`s Day

Posted by: on: 26/11/2012
It is not known exactly since when St. Eliah is celebrated as the patron of Metkovic. The "fighting" saint was probably chosen for our patron because of that time`s geopolitical position of Metkovic that was still troubled by the Venetian-Turkish border. The twentieth of July in Metkovic is always a special day that many begin with Holy Mass at St. Elijah church, and later go to the town square and visit the traditional Fair Trade with all sorts of things.
On that day our inhabitants receive guests - relatives and friends from surrounding areas. Those who do not have relatives in Metkovic rush in large numbers to Metkovic "on dernek", ie. Fair. At the fair you can buy anything and everything from tools to clothing, and you can also dine. In the evening concerts are held by popular artists in several locations.
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